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Insurances and Self Pay rates

At Advanced Cardiovascular Care, we work closely with your insurance carrier to make sure that all medically necessary treatments are covered. We also offer extremely competitive rates for our self pay patients.

In fact, we are in network with most major carriers including, Medicare and Medicaid. While many people assume their vein related issues are simply cosmetic, this is not always the case. Many patients that visit us present severe symptoms such as leg pain, leg heaviness, swelling, itching and burning sensations to name a few.

Visit our symptoms page to learn more about typical symptoms associated with vein disease. Most insurance companies define what is medically necessary by how venous disease negatively impacts your quality of life in combination with a diagnostic ultrasound study.


Patients who are symptomatic will often receive a diagnostic ultrasound. The ultrasound serves as our eyes to look inside of your legs to gain a better understanding of how progressed your chronic venous insufficiency might be.

Please contact us to determine if we are in-network with your carrier.

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