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Our Springboro Location


325 N Main Street #206                                            Springboro, OH 45066

Contact Us:

Telephone: (937) 979-1038

Fax:            (937) 979-1037


Web address:

Our Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5pm                                     

Sat: Closed               

Sun: Closed

General Directions:

Get off the Austin Landing Blvd exit and turn left toward Rt 741 or Main street.

Turn right on Rt 741 or Main street going south.

You will pass Dorothy Lane Market to your left.

Continue southward, looking for signs at street level to the right and turn into the driveway for

325 N Main street.

If you reach route 73 you have gone too far.

The entrance to the building is at the back.

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