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Venous Reflux Disease

At Advanced Cardiovascular Care we provide vein treatments relating to venous reflux, spider veins,  and associated symptoms. All treatments are performed in our office-based setting, delivering long-lasting results.

Treating venous reflux can be done in surgical or non-surgical ways. Many treatments for veins today lean toward non-surgical procedures, such as endovenous laser treatments, radiofrequency treatments, and even sclerotherapy. These procedures are often recommended because there are few risks compared to more invasive surgeries that would need larger incisions. Often people do not need very invasive surgeries to treat vein disease especially with procedures such as spider vein removal.


However, if the vein problem is large and the vein is too big, then surgery might be recommended. If surgery is ever necessary, a close look at patients’ medical history would be necessary to ensure safety. Radio frequency ablation of the diseased vein is the most minimally invasive procedure where the heat delivered by radio frequency is used to seal the vein shut and reroute blood flow to the deep venous system.

It is always recommended to discuss the need for vein treatment procedures, steps of the procedure, and any possible side effects with your doctor at Advanced Cardiovascular Care, before proceeding with any treatment.

Many people seek vein treatment for cosmetic reasons. However, vein disease often can be associated with underlying health risks such as chronic venous insufficiency and deep vein thrombosis. It is important to treat vein diseases in order to improve blood flow and prevent blood clots.

If you have been searching for venous reflux surgery and other treatment options or have concerns about vein problems, reach out to us at Advanced Cardiovasclar Care.

Our major impetus is improvement in circulation, cardiac mechanics and prevention of superficial and deep venous clots.

Contact us today and schedule your consultation towards improved wellness!

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How venous reflux disease is treated 

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Venous reflux disease - Why it matters and how is it treated

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Venous Reflux disease - Why treatment matters 

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