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An approach to Venous Disease – From the patient’s perspective

  • You have been identified as a potential patient with venous reflux disease during an office visit, through a referral, your visit to our web site or review of the Venous History Form, Screening, etc.


  • After having seen the healthcare provider, you will be scheduled for a Venous Ultrasound Insufficiency Study which is more involved than the ultrasound you are accustomed to obtaining in the hospital. We look for clots and venous reflux.


  • If the study is positive, it will be determined if you have worn thigh high compression stockings (20-30 mm Hg) or ACE wraps, in the past, which may be (re)initiated at this visit for 6 to 12 weeks depending on your insurance with other conservative management. If not, you will order them from Amazon (recommended) / pharmacy / medical supply store.

  • If you fail conservative management and are a candidate, you can proceed to ClosureFAST venous ablation procedure consultation and insurance pre-certification for treatment. You will be scheduled for the procedure.


  • If otherwise, compression stocking or ACE wraps, will be ordered on your behalf, and conservative management continued.


  • Your scheduled procedure will generally take less than 60 minutes. You will walk out of your procedure room and continue with post-operative orders. The compression bandage placed, will be worn for 48 to 72 hours.


  • After removing the bandage, resume wearing the compression stockings during waking hours. These will be worn for the entire duration and up to 2 weeks after treatment of all your venous segment(s).


  • You will return in 72 hours or 1 week for a post-op ultrasound scan to verify vein closure that will only take about 15 minutes. This is repeated in 6 months. You do not wear stockings the day before any of your scheduled testing or procedures or follow ups and drink plenty of fluids unless you are on a fluid restriction.


  • Most of you will return to see the physician within 30-days for a follow-up after the last procedure, or will be scheduled for additional procedures, if there are additional veins to treat.


  • The cardiovascular benefits also reflect in a dropping blood pressure, which you may experience as weakness or dizzy spells especially if you are on blood pressure medications, please notify the office immediately.


  • You may notice tingling or burning along the vein if it courses superficially, with the inflammatory changes which help heal the sealed vein, reflecting in the nerve tissue below the skin causing the tingling or burning.


  • Once again, I take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to take care of you and/or your loved ones’ cardiac and vascular needs.


       Anil H. Jhangiani, MD FSCAI

       Your entire team at Advanced CardioVascular Care

Venous Disease - Patient's Perspective

Pre and post procedure orders

Purchase of Compression Stockings

Informed Consent

Brochure--venous reflux/ablation procedure

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